1/2PCS Suction Massage Cupping Vacuum Cupping Body Massager

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Product Description:

1.The new generation of magnetic therapy cupping device is a new type of medical health care product developed on the basis of traditional cupping, using modern high-tech means, and continuously improving and perfecting. 2.It overcomes the inadequacies of traditional cupping, eliminates the need for ignition and burns, installs magnets and other components inside the tank, combines tank therapy with magnetic therapy, and integrates cupping and magnetic therapy to enhance health care. so that the ancient Chinese medicine cupping therapy to play a higher efficiency. 3.The”A new generation of magnetic therapy cupping devices is more reasonable, more functional, and easier to operate. 4.It is suitable for both hospitals and families. It is ideal for healthcare supplies, as well as a gift for relatives and friends to honor their elders. Features: Twist-top cupping is a modern development based on traditional cupping. It produces the effects of traditional cupping methods and eliminates some of the disadvantages. Each of these cups generates its own vacuum through the action of a screw valve with rubber seal in the cup body. Just put the cup on the desired area and twist, the cup will remain attached. Rotary piston exhaust method replaces the traditional method of ignition exhaust, no worries burns, safe and secure, greatly facilitate the people to use, both for the hospital, but also for families. Specifications: Outside diameter 3.8cm,Inside diameter 2.5cm Cupping tips: 1. Usually once a day or every other day, every 5-15 minutes (often those bubbles, the elderly and infirm and children 5-7 minutes is appropriate). 2. 7-10 times for a course of treatment, rest 3-5 days after the next course of treatmen.

The method of use is as follows: (product color is for reference only)

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Model Number



Multi Size S/M/L/XL

Massage Cups

For Cupping Therapy

Vacuum Cupping Suction Massage

Vacuum Cupping Device

Function 1

Relieve Pain/Stress

Function 2

Relax body

Function 3

Body Massager

Function 4

Massage Therapy Tools

Function 5

For good sleep

Function 6

Promote Blood Circulation





9 reviews for 1/2PCS Suction Massage Cupping Vacuum Cupping Body Massager

  1. M***O

    parece bueno. pendiente de probar pero tiene buena pinta. quizas he elegido demasiado grande para los pezones pero tengo que probarlo

  2. A***n


  3. J***a

    It was the best I could buy, it’s been great for me to help have a more massage add-on and I’m super happy with the purchase. Good quality and effective when using it

  4. I***r

    the quality is good, they are almost too large but that’s because I didn’t check the size carefully enough.

  5. F***o

    Excellent, they work very well

  6. Customer

    I thought they were smaller.

  7. M***r

    Perfeito, embalado individualmente e a sucção é perfeita. Ja vou comprar mais agora mesmo. recomendo

  8. N***r


  9. F***A

    Good product and does if function

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