1PC Copper Moxa Box Portable Moxibustion Tank Smokeless


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1PC Copper Moxa Box Portable Moxibustion Tank Smokeless Copper Moxa Box Environmental Warm Moxibustion Box for Lady Women Male Men


The moxibustion box is made of high quality material, it is durable and lightweight. It helps to reduce arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, and keep the healthy body. Portable design allows you to use it at anytime and anywhere.


– Color: As Shown.
– Material: Copper+lint.
– Size: About 3.3x8x8cm.
– Made of pure copper, the moxa tank is designed with extra adjustable ventilation which makes the moxa radiant heat focus on pain area.
– Portable and compact, so you can take it anywhere for moxibution when meditating, sleeping, sitting or working and so on, focus moxa radiant heat on pain area.
– With this length you can fasten it on your waist, stomach, thigh, wrist, knee, neck, arcm to treat the pain point.
– To regulate the discomfort resulted from physiological period and to expell bodys cold and moisture. Drawing out poison and reduce heat, a health method to maintain beauty and keep young.
– Ideal choice for parents, lovers, teachers and friends as a healthy gift.

1 x Moxibustion Box
1 x Cloth Cover

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