80pcs Scorpion Venom Patches Arthritis Joint Back Pain Relief


80pcs in 10bags
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Muscular Pain,Stiff Shoulders, Pain Relieving, Relief Fatigue, Rheumatism arthritis pain, Cervical Spondylosis, Periarteritis of shoulder bone hyperplasia, Rheumatoid, Slipped discs, Ischialgia, Acro-anesthesia, Sprain etc.
Brief introduction of pain relieving patch
Pain relieving patch is formulated with extracts of valued herbs. By use of the our unique extraction & advanced technology, this patch successfully integrate the medication with physical therapy and bring the self-heating which could ease all kinds of pains.
Functions of tiger balm patch
Quickly relieve various pains associated with nuscle fatigue, muscle pain, stiff shoulder, simple backache, strains, sprains, bruises, bone fracture, minor frostbite, arthritis. (necessary for office workers, popular in hot weather and wam areas).
How to Use:
-Clean and dry affected area
-Remove the plastic backing from one side of the patch.
-Smooth that side over the area where you want pain relief.
-As you remove the other half of the plastic backing, smooth the remainder of the patch over the pain area.

*Remove from backing film and apply.

Brand Name




Model Number




Shelf Life

2 years

Function 1

Lumbar, Cervical, Spondylosis

Function 2

Back Leg Knee Shoulder Waist Foot Hand Pain Relief

Function 3

Rheumatoid,Arthritis Joint,Orthopedic


80pcs in 10bags


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