Moxa Five Years Moxa Stick Moxibustion Roll Body Pain Relieve Health Care Massage


Artemisia paperMoxa paperOne PieceWhite cotton paperYellow cotton paper
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10 Pieces 18x200mm 10:1 Moxa Five Years Moxa Stick Chinese Traditional Moxibustion Roll Body Pain Relieve Health Care Massage

Application:Sub-healthy people with neck/shoulder/waist/knee joint pain.Relieving cold and pain in the four limbs waist and abdomen, and promote health.
1.Absorb in Chinese Traditional Medicine, made of natural moxa.
2.Help to promote blood circulation, and relieve pain.
3.Suitable for full body moxibustion use.
4.Helps to heal the cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, strain of lumbar muscles, pains…
How to use Moxibustion Box?
1.Open thd Box.
2.Insert And Ignite Moxa.
3.Close the lid and Adjust Moxa length.
4.Adjust Bandage according to Moxibustion Area.
5.Fixed on the Moxibustion Area.
6.Adjust the door to control the temperature.
Moxibustion common question.
(The products not explace to the Drugs and medical devices)
1.Why will see the smoke during moxibustion?
Moxa stick made of the herbaceous plant, combustion have smoke is normal phenomenon. The smokeless moxa sticks on the market are carbonized and lost the essence of moxa sticks, with only temperature and no moxibustion effect.
2.How long with moxibustion each time?
Normal, moxibustion once a day, each moxibustion 20 minutes, 3-4 times a week, Suggest 2-3 place each moxibustion on body area.
3.How to clean the moxibustion box?
After using for some time, because the essential oil volatilize when wormwood burns, black oily substance will appear, can use cotton swab stick alcohol to wipe moxibustion pot inner wall and lid,place in cool ventilated place air and dry.
4.Should we pay attention to something when moxibustion?
①When applying moxibustion, please operate carefully to avoid burning the skin.
②After the application of moxibustion, the moxibustion box should be cooled and then opened to avoid scalding.
③After moxibustion diet should be light, should not eat greasy, cold, spicy food.
④After applying moxibustion, it is easy to have dry mouth and need to drink more warm water.
⑤Do not wash your hands with cold water or take a bath within half an hour after applying moxibustion.Can’t blow the cool breeze.
⑥Should not be too tired/too full/too fear/too thirst/too sweat/too deficiency/drunk when the moxibustion.
⑦Moxibustion should not be applied to women during their menstrual period, pregnancy and some people with a thermal constitution.
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China Mainland







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Moxa Artemisia


Moxa Stick roll


10 pieces/bag Bulk

Wormwood Time

5 years

Purity of mugwort



Artemisia paper Moxa paper White cotton paper Yellow cotton paper


Strengthen the immune system.treatment of pain


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