Moxibustion Acupuntura Points Anti-broken Vacuum Cans With Burning Moxa Artemisia


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What is moxibustion?
Moxibustion, a Chinese traditional medicine that combines heat with the application of moxa, (commonly known as Mugwort) has a history that is almost as convoluted as the therapy itself. While the origins of many traditional medicines cannot be pinpointed to specific dates and times, there are some references to the practice throughout the years. Understanding the historical timeline of this relatively unknown (outside of Asia) therapy is important for grasping the concepts of moxibustion.
1.Gold Moxa Cone 2. Moxa Roll 3. moxa mugwort
What exactly does the practitioner do?
In the U.S., practitioners generally hold a burning moxa stick close to, but not touching, the surface of the skin.
In this method, the moxa material is compressed into a stick or pole, looking not unlike an oversized cigar that can be lit and allowed to smolder, producing a unique form of very penetrating heat.
The smoldering moxa stick is held over specific areas, often, though not always, corresponding to certain acupuncture points. The glowing end of the moxa stick is held about an inch or two above the surface of the skin until the area reddens and becomes suffused with warmth.
What are the matters needing attention in moxibustion ?
1.When moxibustion stick is burned, it should not be suspended too close or too long to avoid excessive temperature when touching the skin, so as to cause burns. If it is suspended, the burned moxibustion stick should be knocked out at intervals.
2.Each part of the moxibustion time is controlled between 10 and 15 minutes, with local skin slightly red halo can be.
3.When using no more than 2-3 parts at a time, moxibustion should proceed step by step, and there should be no excessive amount of psychological moxibustion in a hurry for success.
4.Do not wash hands or bathe in cold water within half an hour of warm moxibustion.
5.After moxibustion, drink more warm boiled water than usual (absolutely not cold water or ice water).
6.Moxibustion should not be used within one hour after meals
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